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Time condensed, and a summer holiday!


So, ages ago, nearly 6 months now, I finally managed to get me a job. While not the post-doc I was looking for, it has worked out well so far in terms of hours, workload and pay etc. We have managed to pay off my student loan, Spouse has cut back to one 18-hour work shift a week, and Sossie has had to get used to not having two parents around most of the time. The last half of 2013 was good to us.

I made some changes and decisions in November that have really made a difference for me. I started getting up at 7am every day. Not exactly amazing but in combination with more exercise and being more mindful about my bedtime, I was able to make a big dent in my insomnia. And this has CHANGED. MY. LIFE. I had no idea what sleep deprivation was doing to me. I was really running on maybe 40%, and getting up to more like 80 or 90 was incredible. I’m now very much more aware of when I’m short on sleep and take steps to resolve it. While I can’t believe it has taken me about 15 years to get on top of this, the way forward looks good, so I’m not going to worry about it.

I have also started running consistently for the first time since I was a teenager. I started (for about the 3rd time, naturally) a 9-week couch-to-5k programme and am now up to the start of week seven and am comfortably running for 25 minutes with no stops. I am really enjoying it, much to my surprise. My first goal is to run a 5k in a few weeks, which I estimate will take about 35 minutes. The second goal would be to get that 5k down to 30 minutes. The third goal is to be able to run for 45 minutes. Eventually a 10k. I have absolutely no intention of trying for a 1/2 marathon or anything, but I’m enjoying it so I will keep plodding along, three times a week at 7am. I can do that.

We just got back from two weeks at my parent’s place up north. It was alternately 30C or raining torrentially, and most of it was fantastic. The Soss, as usual, had a hard time with the lack of sleep and the overexcitement from Christmas and grandparents, but on the whole it was a good holiday. I’m now feeling the time-crunch of returning to work. I know it’ll take me a few days to get back into the swing of it, which seems strange after only two weeks off. It’s always this way though, that sudden experience of being absolutely SLAMMED – not necessarily at work, which is actually pretty slow this week, but just the sudden cutting of 8.5 hours out of the productive part of the day and realising just how much you have to do.

Lucky I do best when I *am* busy… maybe I’ll even blog more often. Hah.

The scary place….


The scary place....

… that is my podroll! It’s getting a little bit out of hand, maybe, but the truth is I do actually listen to all of these 🙂

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NotJeans Challenge – Week Two


Only two days this week – I was crook on Tuesday

  • Patterned tieback top. NY&Co sz large, 4 months old. This top is now a little on the large size, and is pretty voluminous below the sash. I’m thinking it would make a fabulous second trimester top!
  • Black grey ‘modern boot’ trousers. Gap sz10, 1 year old (After finding a pair of trou that actually fitted my entire lack of booty, I got two pairs!)
  • Black  boots. These have a 7 or 8cm heel and go up to mid calf. They were a hand-me-down from my awesome evil mother-in-law.





  • Black silk rib top, no idea where it’s from, size M, no idea how old but at least 6 years. This was either a hand-me-down from my MIL or a hand-me-across from one of my SILs.
  • Grey wool mini, Max sz12, don’t know how old but at least five years. I know I bought this secondhand at Savemart, I think I payed about $4 for it.
  • Generic opaque black nylons
  • Square point toe, 2cm heel (i.e. flat!) black shoes.  I’m pretty sure I bought these somewhere in the states at around the time I got married, so they’re 7. My feet look totally weird in this photo.

This outfit was not terribly comfortable but I managed… fortunately I wasn’t doing lab work so I wasn’t on my feet or I think I would have suffered. I think it’s about time that I break these shoes in!