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The Sunday Scrounge: The Funny Bath Shop


I am a cheaparse. Call it frugality, thrift, whatever – I’m a cheaparse. I dislike buying things new if I can get them secondhand, and to be honest we spend about as much on clothes every year as plenty of people I know would spend on a single pair of shoes.

This cheaparsery, while sometimes a pain, can also be fun. One of the fun things has become something of a tradition for Sossitch (2 and a half) and me  – our Sunday afternoon trip to the ‘Funny Bath Shop’.

The ‘Funny Bath Shop’ (FBS from now on) is the shop at the Dunedin City Transfer Station (yes, the city landfill collection area). Several people that work at the tip scour the tip face for saleable items and pull them out of the trash. People will also drop stuff off there if there is any life left in it in order to avoid having to pay dumping fees.

It’s amazing what people throw away. I have found suitcases full of baby clothes in pristine condition, boxes of perfectly good kitchenware, timber, art supplies and fabrics people have paid to dump. It occasionally gets me  really cross, but I figure that it gives me the chance to rescue some of it and makes sure it gets where it can be used, something I love doing. My cheap nature and my love of fixing things up and ‘upcycling’ reach their harmonious peak at the FBS.

Today Soss and I spent about ten minutes looking through what was available (well, I looked, she found a bear, a toy helicopter and a knitting needle and proceeded to splint the bear’s broken leg and take it to the hospital in the rescue helicopter).  Today was not a major treasure day and we didn’t find much, but what we came home with will be useful.

‘Spot goes to the Circus‘ – although they are a bit young for her, Soss still loves Spot books, the more flaps the better. They’re pretty good learn-to-read books, tho, with nice clear text, and she enjoys sounding things out. This one has a little water mark on the back cover, and is currently in the hot water cupboard to ensure it is bone dry before I add it to one of her bookshelves.

Skirt – Just below knee-length, dark green with a simple but cute pattern. The interfacing at the waist needs to be sewn down at one side, this will take me all of two or three minutes.

Crepe banadges x 2 – After a soak in disinfectant, these are currently in a load of laundry hanging on the line. Once dry, they will be rolled up and added to Soss’s little doctor’s kit so she can mend people’s legs with REAL bandages.

Baby Doll – Usually, Soss will put back anything she’s not allowed quite happily, but this baby doll reminded her so much of her own favourite baby doll (and they are very alike) that she was reluctant to leave it. After telling me it would get cold, or maybe someone mean would buy it, she burst into tears when I told her we had enough baby dolls and to put it back. This is unusual for her, so I talked her through a compromise. We often buy things for our Playcentre, so we decided that we could take this baby home, give her a good bath, and donate her to the Playcentre where she will join the other babies in the ‘family area’. Soss was quite pleased with this, and after a bath the baby is now lounging in the hot water cupboard getting dry. I will probably fail to mention that her head and legs have been removed to facilitate this!

Wooden Toggle – I need one for a coat I’m making.

Plastic Thingees – Hard to see in the photograph, but trust me, these thingees from a set of christmas lights will make terrific lampshades for the dollshouse I am currently refurbishing.

Glass Barrel Jar – I collect these old Sanitarium Peanut Butter jars for our kitchen, and whenever I see one I grab it. I find one maybe every couple of months, they’re not as common as they once were. Finding one like this, with no scratches, is a big plus.

Total price – 90cents

I’ll give today’s FBS scrounge a 6/10 – solid, but nothing spectacular.

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  1. 29/02/2012 10:46 am

    I wish you lived closer (or we lived closer!). I want more seriously cheaparse friends to have cheaparse fun with.

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