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Sartorial challenge


I have decided to challenge myself a little in terms of clothing, just to see what I can do with the holey, worn out remnants of my wardrobe. Normally, I wear jeans. Yes, every day. Every day. To the point when, with one of my pairs of jeans in the wash, covered in paint, and the other in need of a severe hemming, I wore a skirt and a pair of boots to work today, and just about bloody everyone I bumped into commented. It was like I had dressed up for halloween or something.

So I’m the jeans girl.

Not sure if I want to be the jeans girl, so I’m challenging myself to NOT wear jeans to work from now until the end of my contract (29th of June). I’m going to have to be very creative which may need to some unusual outfits, but it will be interesting for me. I will take photos of each outfit and post them once a week or so as proof.

Off to rifle through my wardrobe!


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