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NotJeans Challenge – Week Two


Only two days this week – I was crook on Tuesday

  • Patterned tieback top. NY&Co sz large, 4 months old. This top is now a little on the large size, and is pretty voluminous below the sash. I’m thinking it would make a fabulous second trimester top!
  • Black grey ‘modern boot’ trousers. Gap sz10, 1 year old (After finding a pair of trou that actually fitted my entire lack of booty, I got two pairs!)
  • Black  boots. These have a 7 or 8cm heel and go up to mid calf. They were a hand-me-down from my awesome evil mother-in-law.





  • Black silk rib top, no idea where it’s from, size M, no idea how old but at least 6 years. This was either a hand-me-down from my MIL or a hand-me-across from one of my SILs.
  • Grey wool mini, Max sz12, don’t know how old but at least five years. I know I bought this secondhand at Savemart, I think I payed about $4 for it.
  • Generic opaque black nylons
  • Square point toe, 2cm heel (i.e. flat!) black shoes.  I’m pretty sure I bought these somewhere in the states at around the time I got married, so they’re 7. My feet look totally weird in this photo.

This outfit was not terribly comfortable but I managed… fortunately I wasn’t doing lab work so I wasn’t on my feet or I think I would have suffered. I think it’s about time that I break these shoes in!

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